Magenta: starter code

This is my second try with magenta now. The first one was last year when it was just released, but I couldn’t figure out anything in the end… Now it seems to have got much better. And maybe I got more familiar with the terms as well šŸ˜€

So, basically follow the code given here:

I actually did both the automatic install and the manual install because an error message about a module called six (happened both times). Solved in a simple way:
pip uninstall six
pip install six

After installation, one important thing to notice:
Note that you will need to runĀ source activate magentaĀ to use Magenta every time you open a new terminal window.

And then, success yay!

To see the generated files:

The first melody looks like this (using musescore):3

And then I tried using bazel:

BUNDLE_PATH=/Users/irisren/Downloads/attention_rnn.magĀ  CONFIG=’attention_rnn’ bazel run //magenta/models/melody_rnn:melody_rnn_generate — –bundle_file=${BUNDLE_PATH}Ā  –config=${CONFIG}

Basically did the same thing as above. More explorations to be done!

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