Playing with a pattern visualiser

Thanks to a master student studying at Eindhoven, I got the chance to play with a music pattern visualiser. You can find his repo here:

The work is mostly based on Peter Boot’s paper:

Boot, Peter, Anja Volk, and W. Bas de Haas. “Evaluating the Role of Repeated Patterns in Folk Song Classification and Compression.” Journal of New Music Research 45.3 (2016): 223-238.

Using this, we are able to see what are the patterns found by various pattern extraction algorithms. In addition, we can also see the differences using different parameters of the algorithms. There’s another option where you can compare the patterns across a whole tune family.

Some screen shots are here:


As written in this post, I also tried to visualise the algorithmically extracted music patterns. My focus was more on the comparison amongst algorithms and the location of the patterns.

This program provides more in terms of the comparison amongst different parameters and across the whole tune families. It would also be nice if the users would be able to export some statistics of the visualisation. The author said it’s possible but not a priority yet…

Looking forward to his thesis! Keep the good work šŸ™‚


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