The computerphil binge

I have been following this wonderful channel for a while now:

But I never really got the time to watch the old videos, and occasionally I miss a episode or two…

It was great binging it over Christmas: got to review the basics, know the history, laugh at a joke or two. Plus expend it with more search, discover more channels and articles and learn even more from them!

For sanity’s sake, it’s probably good to think about why do I want to know about this at some point…



On the podcast, BBC Radio 4 – More or Less: Behind the Stats, there was an interesting episode about Trump drinks 12 diet cokes per day, which made me realised it’s sometimes for the best that we live without certain things, at least once in a while..

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Moved to a new apartment & A walk in De Bilt and Bilthoven

Moved on 13 Nov to De Bilt. Just took a walk for the first time in the neighborhood. Now finally it feels like less of a foreign place. Cute bookstores, bakeries, chocolatiers, and a supermarket where they sell Mozartkugel!!

Four years ago, I would have never imagined that I would move so many times in my life. Beijing -> Shandong -> Warwick Uni -> Temp places -> Paris -> Temp places -> Rochester -> Temp places -> Utrecht -> Temp places -> De Bilt.  Let alone that there are probably many to come.

But I think my experience is growing and I’m getting more used to it. Planning ahead is important; it is also crucial to not get too stressed about: we seem to be generally good at adapting. I would see it as similar to moving data. Good to learn a thing or two from the physical world in the process.

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Opera La bohème in Amsterdam

Last night, it was my second time in Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam.

Puccini’s La Boheme:

The production was great! Adapted to a modern stage setting, the story developed with great music from the orchestra and the singers. There were happy moments and sad moments. The painter, the poet, the musician and the philosopher; the reality, the laughter, the love, the jealousy, and many more.  Time goes by so fast.

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