Moved to a new apartment & A walk in De Bilt and Bilthoven

Moved on 13 Nov to De Bilt. Just took a walk for the first time in the neighborhood. Now finally it feels like less of a foreign place. Cute bookstores, bakeries, chocolatiers, and a supermarket where they sell Mozartkugel!!

Four years ago, I would have never imagined that I would move so many times in my life. Beijing -> Shandong -> Warwick Uni -> Temp places -> Paris -> Temp places -> Rochester -> Temp places -> Utrecht -> Temp places -> De Bilt.  Let alone that there are probably many to come.

But I think my experience is growing and I’m getting more used to it. Planning ahead is important; it is also crucial to not get too stressed about: we seem to be generally good at adapting. I would see it as similar to moving data. Good to learn a thing or two from the physical world in the process.

The administrative work in addition to the moving is also not easy, especially when the language is a problem…

And there is a difference on the means of transportation in long/short distance moving. In some way, long distance was easier for me because I just sent my bags over using (sorry for the shameless ad :P). For short distance, I have to rent a car or take a train and all the loading/unloading…

Moving is never super fun. Some problems encountered this time for example: WiFi (this post), losing stuff (and confirming I lost them a month/ a year later..), registration..Lesson learnt: never underestimate the complexity of moving! But it’s nice once in a while to get all of my belongings sorted. And once this transition period is over and I realise how many new things/experiences I get from the process!




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