On the podcast, BBC Radio 4 – More or Less: Behind the Stats, there was an interesting episode about Trump drinks 12 diet cokes per day, which made me realised it’s sometimes for the best that we live without certain things, at least once in a while..

Some observations of myself:

  •  Without coffee
    • enough sleep: The brain still works!
    • without enough sleep: Hard to focus, sleepy, moody. One day, had to take a nap and woke up with a numb arm, and then start working, still not great but better.
  • Without WiFi:
    • on the plane: read papers, downloaded stuff
    • somewhere else when there’s a signal: find ways to reconnect anyway…
  • Without looking at the todo list: get less afriad of having the desire to do more things
  • Without any planning ahead/restrictions/expectations for myself: sometimes boring, but sometimes help to find out more about myself
  • Etc.

If we can’t live without something, does it mean we have an addiction? Does addiction sometimes comes from repetition? How much it comes from the internal and how much it comes from the external?

We should be adaptive all the time. And it just feels good to break from the cycles, and strive for some other optimal solutions of life. When breaking the cycles becomes the norm, then to not get addicted to breaking the cycle, we should…



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