Teaching: Game projects and automatic music generation

(This mainly happened in January and during the last semester, things stretched a bit into February and I never got the time to write about it since…)

Substituting my supervisor who was travelling, I gave a lecture about AI music. Although my research is not directly on this topic, I have been playing around with popular packages and concepts. There were lots of interests from the students, and a quick show of hands indicates that most students are at least not against AI music (well, not a big surprise since this is a master level computer/information science course in the Netherlands…)

I was also a tutor in a game project course: nothing too technical but just to keep the teamwork going. It was a surprise that one team can develop an entire game in unity in two months, but they find github command line difficult… there is a big learning curve on GitHub, definitely.

I always like the idea of teaching. Execution is more difficult. There is always a balance between personalisation and generalisation, individual gain vs. gain as a group. Everything is good when the two is positively correlated; problems come when the gain is negatively correlated, or the velocity/acceleration/etc. of the gain is negatively correlated. Trying not to be in this situation is difficult and once in it, a choice has to be made (?)…

More teaching should be coming. Understanding new things and helping other people understand new things are always rewarding!

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