Keep blogging… The first quarter of the year

It has been some enriching three months, so much so that I did not have much time to blog.

I did write papers. For various reasons, it was not as productive as I would like to be though. And there is always a nerve looking out for writing a thesis at the end, which makes writing a blog an extra luxury/burden.

Or maybe it’s not, it might be a good way to refresh the mind.

Completely different styles of writing. Yes. Like playing violin concertos vs fiddling Irish tunes, perhaps.

Plus that I got a Grammarly subscription. Good to make more use of it (if you see more language mistakes,  you see their limits then)

Learning/Research/Work-wise, I mainly used R and definitely got better at it than before (thinking of 4 years ago already, I knew nothing back then! Might have the same thinking 4 years later? Time is a funny thing, hehe). Also with bits of help from Python, Matlab, Weka and Mathematica, there are many packages to empower the research. Some extra time was spent on Bash, F#, Haskell, Css, markdown, etc. There were some thoughts on ML, AI, FP, MIR: about feature spaces, classification, context, pattern, time correlation, causality, state, action, etc. Did lots of experiments to try to verify and explore the thinking. Still, a lot more to do.

In other aspects, dabbling things as mundane, mysterious and wonderful as cooking and growing plants. Finished some Doctor Who and some dutch movies. Brush up on important natural languages. Some travelling, in shops, in libraries, in the meetings and discussions. Occasional walk in the forest and fields nearby.

Finally, the spring is here! Numbers and I became good friends! More motivations are coming back and extending forward…

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