Using kindle voyage

I have been using the kindle voyager for a while. This one was bought on the Amazon prime day 2017, a few months ago. I always wanted to try it when it first came out several years ago. But then I thought I like paper more, until I bought my iPad Pro for storing sheet music, notes, reading papers and trying to draw : With all the moving around, it makes much more sense to create and read things digitally!

The experience with this kindle has been very nice so far. I am using it as a backup or more mobile version of the iPad. The dictionary is good for language learning but a bit slow, especially when comparing to iPad. The touch and look are great. I couldn’t find any cover for it in Utrecht or Amsterdam so had to order one from online though.

The kindle also revived my usage of the kindle app. There are so many reading apps that I need to check (mendeley, pocket, scribd, etc.) and kindle sometimes fall behind. But this time, again I realised kindle is very convenient to read samples of new books and then buying them. It’s also lots of fun to look at the best sellers of different countries and search a few key words (the results are very different from a google search! Applicable to many domain specific websites).

It would be great if I can link my uk audible account with my book account, but I tried calling the customer service a few times, audible pointed me to amazon and amazon pointed me back to audible, typical.. But it might be a good thing, otherwise I might overspent again!