MGS 2018

A month ago, I was at MGS 2018:

What a nice gathering and learning opportunity!

I followed the lambda calculus, category theory and machine learning till the end. The materials were all top-notch.

Most importantly, got to talk about the learning process with fellow students, made new friends, worked on new things. Connecting the dots.

Some unfortunate episodes include getting a cold, spilling water on my laptop (but it caused no damage!), etc.

If there’s another opportunity, I would totally go again: for learning other modules, and the whole experience!

Travling in Japan: 0.0.1

In the beginning of November, I was traveling in Japan for two weeks. So many things and so many thoughts. This is also why I stopped updating the blog for a while (or just an excuse for not updating :P). To make up, no more traveling during Christmas and New Year, preparing for a wave of posts.

But now, bits by bits, some photos with some thoughts.

Climbing up to the top of seven waterfalls (sweating but felt exercised and energised!):


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Oxford: a lucky day

After the ICFP and symposium + workshop week, I took one day to walk around Oxford. Absolutely loved it!

From the hotel outside the city centre, I ran and walked along the river in the morning. It was a Sunday. Lots of people were sporting.

The weather wasn’t great and I got lost because the foot path was closed in the middle. But it turned out to be lucky for me: wandering after getting lost led to the “Alice Shop”! (I wasn’t chasing a rabbit though :P)

Got a forever diary, tea bags and magnets from there. Then I realised I was also lucky that the weekend is the open door days in Oxford, even local people came to see the colleges and libraries (the one in trinity college is said to be first open to the public: collections from Henry VIII!)

While queuing for entering the library, I met a lady from the area who recommended me lots of places in Oxford. It was not a lie that people can make friends in queues!

It started to rain in the afternoon, so I mainly visited museums and book stores: there were so many of them! New and old, Oxford connects the past to the future…


Yearly Paris: Japan expo, musée, music shopping, etc.

(This is one of the belated summer posts)

Another travel to Paris this year, for friends’ party, getting my electric violin back, Japan expo, etc.

The 4-days Japan expo got me started to planning on this. But in the end, I only went one day… life is full of surprise, isn’t it! I was very happy with the one day though: remembering the pass two years time, seeing crazy cosplays, observing multimedia and cultural market, adding new multi-lingual anime DVDs to my collection, etc. But I decided to just spent one day there because it’s very similar to the previous two years: well, guests changed, hot-topics changed, trends changed a little bit, but the exhibition model stayed the same… The novelty value is not as impressive as before (the tickets price, on the other hand, is still pricy). Maybe the organisers intentionally made it the same for the veterans; maybe it is because I’m getting more numb at sensing the changing details; anyhow, I went on to some other adventures in the next few days.

One new place I went to is the Rodin museum. The garden, statues, arts, buildings are all very calming and evoking. A little touristy, but it’s not hard to find a place of peace. I was sobbing over the fact that I couldn’t get free tickets anymore though. Time is flying too fast…

Also thanks to my OPS friends, I got the chance to get into a concert at radio France. It’s been a year since the last time. We switched to a better seat during intermission this time. Completely different acoustics before on the second floor and after on the ground floor. And it was quite unusual to see a double-bass concerto. The orchestra and the conductor did not bad at all! It was a very relaxing evening! (except the part that my phone went out of battery…)

Of course there has to be food in Paris. But my friend and I just went quite randomly to a Japanese Okonomiyaki place. I quite liked it! (well, I do have no good sense on food though…)

And then it’s the summer sales time in Paris! In addition to the usual clothing stores, I also feel obligated to take a look at Rue du Rome. No not really, it’s always been quite fun going there! They have a good collection of instrument stores and music book stores. And of course the book stores are my favourite!

In summary, it was a good trip meeting old friends (even did some improvisation!), meeting new friends at old friends’ party, wandering, reading, thinking, seeing, buying, etc. I think I will go back next year as well! (ISMIR will be there too!)

Taking a friend traveling in the Netherlands (Version 1.5 days)

(This is one of the belated summer posts)

A good friend visited me on his road trip across Europe while I was taking my Dutch course, so we had very limited time. But luckily he was driving and we managed to see a lot just in 1.5 days!

The route was like this: Utrecht -> Den Haag -> Amsterdam -> Utrecht


We were lucky that the first day in Den Haag and Amsterdam wasn’t raining. The beach and city centre of Den Haag was beautiful! Too bad all the museums close very early (5pm!)…

On the way to Amsterdam, we picked up two hitch-hikers from Germany. They said it was particularly difficult in Den Haag and they already waited for about an hour! It was funny how conversations got developed in English, French, German and Dutch.

After dropping them off at their Hotel, we went to park under the conservatory/library underground parking. We went to the library to see Amsterdam from high up, then took the free shuttle boat to the North and back (bikes on the “sea” yay), and finally walked all the way down to the museumplein and back.

I knew some of these places from friends and some from wandering in the city on my own. Good to be reminded of these good memories (or even bitter ones) by just visiting the places again. And it’s fun to pass down these “hidden” places to other friends. Propagation through social interactions! My mind has already started  on its own to try to build a agent based model out of this haha 😀

But perhaps the best way of travelling is still just wander around. Find little wonders that few people notice. I sometimes wish google map could have an “exploratory” route planner, ideally with audio guide to tell you where to look. Could be very challenging!

Of course everyone has multiple/different purposes when traveling. It complicates the problem even further….

Workshop Computational Ethnomusicology: Methodologies for a New Field



This is the first Lorentz workshop I went about a month ago. There were many useful lectures and discussions. It was nice to see many familiar faces again, too.

The time allocation was particularly good: lectures in the morning with plenty coffee time + working group and general discussion in the afternoon (with plenty coffee time of course). Everyone normally got their own office as well. Very nice working environment.

Lectures: There were a mixture of musicologists and computer science lectures. The speakers seemed had made adjustment to the audience – also a mixture of musicologists and computer scientists. There were some wisdom passing around, like: stay healthy from staying away a little from self abstraction, the falling Icarus painting, etc.

Discussions: The coffee time was long enough to meet old friends and new people, discuss about our recent progresses, make new plans about the future, and sometimes just chat away. Gotta love the coffee and juice machine.

Working group: It was a pain to decide which working group we should make and go to. But the ones I went to — language and music, visualisation, open discussion, etc. —  I learnt a lot from them. I hope I contributed to the discussion as well…

Social and Leiden (and Den haag): We stayed in a hotel organised by the Lorentz centre. It’s one of the best hotels I stayed in! Of course we also went explore the city of Leiden (went to a steak place where you can choose your own knife!) and spent a few hours in Den Haag meeting friends.


It’s been so long that I feel like I have forgot a lot about this workshop. We also planned to interview people and update the website… But the trips and the deadline last month successfully kept me away from writing anything about them on the blog. I’ll gradually write them back…

Yuri On Ice 巴塞巡礼

作为ISMIR ddl 之后的放飞自我,又一次来到了巴塞。去了游乐场,温泉,不过准备献出某一天去yuri on ice的景点的照片

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在各种漫长的排队中还看了El tiempo entre costuras,学点西语还是会很有用的吧,時間が欲しい。。