Workshop Computational Ethnomusicology: Methodologies for a New Field



This is the first Lorentz workshop I went about a month ago. There were many useful lectures and discussions. It was nice to see many familiar faces again, too.

The time allocation was particularly good: lectures in the morning with plenty coffee time + working group and general discussion in the afternoon (with plenty coffee time of course). Everyone normally got their own office as well. Very nice working environment.

Lectures: There were a mixture of musicologists and computer science lectures. The speakers seemed had made adjustment to the audience – also a mixture of musicologists and computer scientists. There were some wisdom passing around, like: stay healthy from staying away a little from self abstraction, the falling Icarus painting, etc.

Discussions: The coffee time was long enough to meet old friends and new people, discuss about our recent progresses, make new plans about the future, and sometimes just chat away. Gotta love the coffee and juice machine.

Working group: It was a pain to decide which working group we should make and go to. But the ones I went to — language and music, visualisation, open discussion, etc. —  I learnt a lot from them. I hope I contributed to the discussion as well…

Social and Leiden (and Den haag): We stayed in a hotel organised by the Lorentz centre. It’s one of the best hotels I stayed in! Of course we also went explore the city of Leiden (went to a steak place where you can choose your own knife!) and spent a few hours in Den Haag meeting friends.


It’s been so long that I feel like I have forgot a lot about this workshop. We also planned to interview people and update the website… But the trips and the deadline last month successfully kept me away from writing anything about them on the blog. I’ll gradually write them back…

Yuri On Ice 巴塞巡礼

作为ISMIR ddl 之后的放飞自我,又一次来到了巴塞。去了游乐场,温泉,不过准备献出某一天去yuri on ice的景点的照片

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在各种漫长的排队中还看了El tiempo entre costuras,学点西语还是会很有用的吧,時間が欲しい。。