Some fun in the holidays

Some of the creativity fun: very re-energising!

3D pen: Gradually learning the basic of doing things 3d…

Walking in the neighbourhood: refreshing for the new year!

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Opera La bohème in Amsterdam

Last night, it was my second time in Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam.

Puccini’s La Boheme:

The production was great! Adapted to a modern stage setting, the story developed with great music from the orchestra and the singers. There were happy moments and sad moments. The painter, the poet, the musician and the philosopher; the reality, the laughter, the love, the jealousy, and many more.  Time goes by so fast.

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Trying to get WiFi at home with T-Mobile

I never imagined it would be so hard to get WiFi at home in the Netherlands. In the US, it took me about a week; In the Netherlands, it’s been a month!!! And there have been more than 10 phone calls ranging from 5-30 mins long. It has been a long haul.

Sorry this is going to be a complaint post. But this experience (on-going) is teaching me something (communication system in the real-world, and patience, mostly). The moral of the story being: the information is too distributed that nobody seems to know what’s going on, at least there’s no way for the customer to know what is going on exactly.


Hopefully some information could be helpful for someone else out there…

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